another crafting/inventory bug


I crafted a rosarius and equipped it, then left the game. Coming back later, I found another rosarius with the same values in my inventory, i.e. I had one in my inventory and one was equipped.

I sold the one in the inventory and the equipped one stayed in its slot, but when I entered a mission, the rosarius vanished and I had to do the mission without its benefits...

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another crafting/inventory bug
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7 years 16 days ago

O.K., if I have one of the duplicates in the Stasis Hold on the Bridge, then it stays when the equipped original vanishes.

If the duplicate is in the inventory, then original and duplicate vanish at the same time.

7 years 17 days ago

This bug got worse: This time I kept the duplicated Signum that I crafted, so that only one would vanish later.

Now both(!) the equipped one and the one in the inventory vanished.

It would be very nice if this bug could be finally crushed :-(

7 years 29 days ago

It happened again, this time I crafted a Main Implant and equipped it.

To see if I can get a better one, I started crafting another Main Implant and left the game.

Later, I came back and claimed the new Main Implant. When I looked into my inventory, there was a copy of my equipped Main Implant in the inventory (upper left corner), and the new one right next to it (to the right, so it looks like the copy was placed first, before the new one was put into the inventory).

I played for awhile, with the copy still in my inventory, and nothing happened.

Later I put the copy in the stasis-storage on the Bridge and left the game.

When I came back again, the equipped(!) Main Implant had vanished, but the one in storage was still there (so I equipped it).

7 years 31 days ago

That should be Starwalker as well, the character to whom this happened is named Tregar.

7 years 40 days ago

Thanks, we'll check if this dupe is reproducable, and fix it. Also, could you tell me your ingame account name please?

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