Another bug PS4 (tarot card mission will not complete)


I did a tarot card mission on Impossible difficulty. I chose the traitor one with the cards where I cannot die and also for the timer. I failed the timer card, but finished the mission. I pressed the middle button on the PS4 controller to end the mission and my character disappears and my screen is stuck on the level. I am able to rotate the camera with the right analog stick. I tried pressing Start and then Exit but nothing happens. I had to close the application. This is the same exact thing that previously happened to me when I got stuck and could not progress past the first campaign mission. 

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Thanks in advance

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Another bug PS4 (tarot card mission will not complete)
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186 days ago
We will check your account on our backend and will fix the issue as soon as possible! Thanks for the report!
186 days ago
Same issue but with any mission and pretty Much all the Time, I have to restart the game after each mission, when i come back im at the reward screen. At least progress is not lost.
194 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, we will check what could cause the issue!
194 days ago

I did get the experience and loot for completing the mission after I closed the application and restarted the game.