Announcing Season 3 - The Season of the Void Brethren


The Caligari sector is beset by a new threat, a newly formed Chaos cult called the Void Brethren. Previously just an inconsequential cabal of void pirate gangs, they have been bestowed upon the blessings of Nurgle, a horrid gift that gives them power beyond mere mortals. With their ships they carry this gift far and wide, absorbing the dregs of the Imperium into their ranks. Other pirate gangs, fledgling cults, criminals and deserters, the Void Brethren grow stronger each day. The Caligari Conclave can ignore them no longer, they must be stamped out before their filth spreads too far.

Inquisitor's Season 3 will launch on July 6th 14:00 CEST.

Before delving into the depths of the new Seasonal mechanics, let's take a look at the freshly implemented Quality of Life changes (affecting the whole game, regardless of Seasons):

Co-Op Void Crusades

  • You asked for it, we delivered - from now on, you can conquer the Void with your friends. Read more about the challenges during the development of this feature [here].

Void Shard Exchange

  • You can now turn Void Shards into Void Dust, then form new types of Void Shards. This allows players to start Void Crusades for which they did not originally have the required shards.

Currency tab

  • Void Shards, Cortex Fragments, Seasonal Currencies, Tarot Cards and the like will no longer hog inventory space. Everything can be found neatly organized in the new Currency panel.

Loot Auto Pickup filter

  • You can now filter the Loot Auto Pickup feature so your character will only pick up items of your desired quality.

Loot from Destructible Objects

  • Crates, barrels, and the like will now drop loot upon destruction. Mostly you will find Credits in them, but sometimes there are supplies, inoculator charges, and even relics in them!

Tarot Card Removal

  • You can now remove already selected Tarot Cards and Empyrean Seals from missions.

Tech Adept Rebalance

Although the Tech Adept was popular there was a lot of criticism involving its itemization, the lack of lategame build options and overall game feel. We agreed with some of these and reworked his kit to reduce unnecessary micromanagement, simplify itemization while keeping his customizability and overall improve his synergy with his constructs. The Tech Adept's gameplay should feel more fluid, his build options were widely extended and he's very much capable of tackling lategame challenges in his new state.

Mechanics of Season 3 - The Season of the Void Brethren

Thunderbolt of Authority

  • Dealing and taking hits, as well as using your Inoculator now grant a chance to cast a Chain Lightning that hits the closest enemy target and jumps to the next 2 enemies, dealing damage. Thunderbolt of Authority has a 15-meter range, and deals 500+CharacterLevel*50 damage. Every jump halves the damage caused. Also, every cast of ToA breaks destructible objects in a small radius (5m) around the player. ToA has an internal Cooldown of 2 seconds that can be reduced with the various new items.
  • To increase your chances of casting ToA, you can use the new Seasonal Shards.

Seasonal Missions

Of course, Seasonal Missions had to play an integral part in the gameplay of Inquisitor, so we have decided to spice it up a little by adding in 59 new seasonal maps, divided into 3 tiers:

  • Tier 1 - "Basic" Seasonal missions, each having a 50% chance of spawning a Pirate Spoil Trove
  • Tier 2 - Tougher, "Advanced" Seasonal missions, each containing 3 Pirate Spoil Troves
  • Tier 3 - "Boss" maps, with a new enemy, the Soul Grinder, with each map containing 5 Pirate Spoil Troves

How to reach these maps?

  • To enter Seasonal Missions, the players need to collect Void Brethren Insignias. These Insignias can be looted from high ranking Pirate officers, destructible objects, Void Plunder Caches, and of course the Soul Grinder.
  • You can use these Insignias on any mission as they are Empyrean Seals. When you use an Insignia on a mission, the mission will transform into a Void Pirate mission based on the type of the insignia you have used.

Players can loot and use 3 types of Void Brethren Insignias:

  • Void Brethren Insignia I: It can grant missions from 2 tiers, with a low chance of granting Tier 2 maps. (25%)
  • Void Brethren Insignia II: It can grant only Tier 2 and Tier 3 missions (85/15% chance)
  • Void Brethren Insignia III: It can only grant Boss type missions.

What can I find within these Seasonal Missions?

Contraband Servoskull

  • Contraband Servoskulls can spawn instead of Villain type enemies, and work in a similar way to Void Crusade Servoskulls, e.g. you have a limited timeframe to kill them before they disappear. These grant you a stack of the Bounty of the Void Brethren buff and have a high chance of dropping Void Plunder Keys.

Pirate Spoil Trove

  • These are special chests that can be found on Seasonal missions only (the higher tier the mission, the more of these you can find). You can only open these chests with Void Plunder keys, the main source of which are going to be Contraband Servoskulls. These contain a lot of high quality items including Seasonal items.

If you do not have the key to the Cache, you will spawn enemies upon interacting with it.

Void Plunder Cache

  • These are the "regular" seasonal chests that can spawn instead of normal chests
    on every mission. Guarding them is Spoil Warden Kilgers who has a moderate chance of dropping Seasonal items and Void Plunder Keys.

Pilfered Tech-Shrine

  • Every shrine has a 35% chance to be converted to a Seasonal Shrine that will always spawn a Contraband Servoskull upon interaction.

Bounty of the Void Brethren

  • By completing Seasonal Missions, or killing the Contraband Servoskull, you gain the Bounty of the Void Brethren. The Bounty is a special buff that lasts for 3 missions or until death and it can stack to 5.

One stack of the Bounty of the Void Brethren grants the player

  • +20% Chance for Relic or better items
  • +10% Chance for Void Brethren Insignia drops
  • +15 Base Damage

Magistratus Shard

The new Seasonal Shards increase the chance to cast ToA:

Seasonal Items

Of course, no new Season is complete without new rewards - we have added 26 new Seasonal items with brand new Relic enchants to help you synergize your build around the new Seasonal Mechanics.

Our goal with Season 3 was to create an interesting and rewarding gameplay flow, as players can encounter Seasonal enemies on basic missions, and from the items they acquire from these enemies, they can open up new, more challenging missions with unique fights and rewards.

The new Seasonal Journey reflects this as well, with new objectives and new rewards! Obliterate the heretic Void Brethren and gain new Portrait frames and Trophies!

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Announcing Season 3 - The Season of the Void Brethren
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2 years 310 days ago

A trading feature is not planned for Inquisitor, this is sadly out of the list.

The TA Construct AI problem is also something we will not likely to touch in the coming period but it's not out of question for sure. I would like to have it improved too!

The stock of Rebus is planned to be increased but not now. We are working on several things at the moment which you will definitely like upon release!:)

I will discuss, however, the first issue with our testers. Thanks for all the feedback!:)

2 years 311 days ago

Great job, hope you'll be wipping out these seasons for the longest time. 

Four things I want to mention: Void crusade missions don't calculate xp from "Murder" and other added xp in the same manner as quickplay missions. This is a minor thing but really confusing.

There should be some form of item market possibility between players, maybe you can use void shards for currency? This allows for a more dynamic player interation and allows for good things you will never use to find an owner. Maybe only for the best of items?

A thing that is really missing is more cosmetics, some REALLY expensive deals with Rebus would be good for the long timers. I'm talking about 100+ tier of favors for the endgame, maybe a new hideout?

Also, as much as I'm loving the new Tech-adept, the A.I. of the minions could be a little bit better - sometimes they just stand there, which is annoying. There should also be a command for a group attack. I think what Grim Dawn / Titan quest has done right with the minions is to have the option of different stances for each one, aggressive, defensive and neutral.

Thank you for the game, It's really one of the best out there in the genre.

3 years 2 days ago

What ever you've done with the psykers negative warp effects can you get a wiggle on & hurry the hell up reverting it to how it was last month before you broke an entire character class to splinters. You claimed you've wanted to speed up game play but I find my seasonal psyker crawling through missions because I frequently find myself having to backtrack due to having enemies spawn behind me, often in excess of 6 at a time within less than 10-15 seconds or worse yet having purple triangles block my path forwards! To say it's frustrating would be putting it lightly. I'm not even going to bother with this class this season as it seems to be futile to push onwards after spending the last couple of days enjoying levelling up to 35 only to be fighting bosses having half a dozen other enemies spawn behind me :(

I can hear the dev team in my head prior to this season

"Look at me marge......I can boost a tech priest while I utterly destroy a psyker class"

3 years 17 days ago
One thing I need to mention thoguh, is this. It may not be a Groundbreaking thing, the new Currency panel, quite basic, but it looks really nice. And really nice to have one.
3 years 17 days ago
And JUST in time for me to get some of my friends to start playing!

The Co-Op Void Crusades are gonna be awesome, we are so doing long playsessions on this!

3 years 18 days ago
I'm super excited for this patch! I love the tech adept and can't wait to see the updates!
3 years 18 days ago
Well, my guess is that I am going to be making a Crusader running around with Thunder Hammer now, causing lots of Shock Effects and sending forth some Bolts of Lightning.
3 years 18 days ago
Like the new creature done as well or better then miniature it is based off of.

A pet peve is that the legs are recycled from defiler, which seems weird chaos has uniform branded chaoic spider legs, but that was done by GW.

3 years 18 days ago
Thanks for continuing to support this frustratingly addictive game.

On the subject of patch notes, any information is appreciated.  If I had one complaint about this game it's that there are far too many skills that are either not documented, not working as intended, or simply not explained well.  Small changes to a character can have a massive impact to performance so every little bit of information helps players - especially new ones - make good decisions for gear and skill choices.

I should not have to rely on generous reddit users to understand how game mechanics work.  
+|| The Emperor Protects ||+

3 years 18 days ago
Yeah, we will share a detailed patch note regarding the balance changes, however, it will be more of a summarizing list as the changes are too numerous to write down (what modification affects what etc.).
3 years 19 days ago
Is it possible to have comprehensive patch notes about the changes on Tech Adepts?

Co-op VC is awesome, as is the much needed currency tab. I'm so glad that you are still supporting this game and making itbetter and better. Great job

3 years 22 days ago
Thanks for all the great work you do, this game re-kindled my love of gaming. 
3 years 23 days ago
My guess now is that I am going to enjoy the 3rd Season. Even though I am not yet over the fact that I got robbed of my final chance to put those 2 last Tier 5 Challenges from Warp Season, nailed.

Even so, I do hope I can get a chance of Compensation for it one day. Anyway, please from now on, and forever on, always make sure the exact date, day, time, hour is firmly in place of Announcements, and make sure we do get the - Fight against the Clock thing before truly over time - of this very official Neocore site.

It will remove and lessen many a grudge.

Other then that, I will, and shall, enjoy the Season 3 of my Inquisitorial Journey. And nice to see you are finally including a new Enemy/Mob to the table, next to some of the other new features. Keep it up and Thank you.

3 years 23 days ago

Not yet due to the ongoing Season of the Warp Surge. It will still run for a while on both PS4 and XboxOne. We will probably have a more accurate answer around the end of July or early August regarding this question. :)

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3 years 23 days ago
good job
3 years 23 days ago
awesome !!! the new season will be out july 6th? any news on the console release date? 
3 years 23 days ago

There are going to be new seasonal weapons for the Tech Adept ^^

3 years 23 days ago
yes! thankyou for continuing to support this vastly underrated game i think its now in such a good state, the tech adept changes - are there any new weapons for it? 

cant wait to blast hordes of chaos with lightning bolts, going to be rocking my whirlysader next season on xbox!