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Hey guys!
First of all thanks for working on this game.  I think the combination of action rpg mechanics and gameplay with  the WH40k universe fits perfect.
I come to give you my professional opinion of the character animations (because I'm an animator).
In general looks like all characters barely weigh what they would have. The run cycles and the shoot animations are the most remarkable for its lack of weight and motion. Some enemies like Chaos Brutes should literally make the ground shake but now looks like a drunken guy walking on the Moon. Special mention to the jump pack stomp. It's awful.
One of the videogames that you can take as a reference is Space Marine. Very good cycles and  resemblance to what should be.
Sometimes in this kind of games you need to push a little bit more the key poses to shock the viewer.
Definitely you need to work a lot more in character animation to reach an acceptable quality.

Thanks for all and keep working. The game looks promising.

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Animation feedback
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