animation stuck


when i equip my char with bolt pistol and shiel it gets stuck in animation and moves by floating around its only when i have both equpped not by themselves. also when i do mission with it i can do single shot but not full auto with pistol

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animation stuck
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7 years 87 days ago

This comes within the same issue discussed here, we await a meaningful response from the Devs on the matter.


7 years 87 days ago

in response to the following comment (made by a player) "One of the official responses stated that the combination of melee weapon and ranged weapon was actually supposed to be blocked. But in the build this was not the case. I may have read it incorrectly but as I understand it's not a bug as such, but a feature that shouldn't exist. Happy hunting" 

Megapull (staff) -  "Indeed these combos will be blocked in the next update as intended."

we await clarification that it is permanent although it would seem likely given it was never intended to be implemented.