Ancient relic stat


So this dropped:

Does the 3rd stat mean  that I have to complete 50000 missions, with a melee weapon, without taking melee dmg, to unlock it? Can't figure out what this 50000 figure refers to in this case :) 

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Ancient relic stat
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64 days ago
I just provided you a new Thunder Hammer of the same type but with the correct unlock requirement. Thanks for your patience in the last few days.
72 days ago
My acc name is HorusTheWhite. 

73 days ago
very ancient relic is trash i wouldn't worry about them period.

cant be re roll / upgraded / etc 

they should be removed from the game period.

75 days ago
Even before Holiday we will sort this out. I will send you a similar but proper new item and our team plans to update the game one last time with additional fixes today or tomorrow.

@HORUSTHEWHITEBEARD‍ please let me know your account name.

76 days ago
It´s this... Classic... Again...

It was this Christmas of ´20... regarding these... items... Lol.

I´m sure this is gonna be fixd on some kind of Patch coming very soonish.

76 days ago
It's a bug, as per the earlier discussion. I suppose if you report it as a bug, Marcopolocs will sort it out once the holidays are over.
76 days ago
That's ridiculously funny and exactly how I would interpret the requirement. If you figure it out please post.