An open letter to the Devteam.


Although extremely early, I feel this game  has IMMENSE potential, as a WH40K Fan I feel and believe this game should absolutely not be rushed. The market is literally overly saturated with titles of many games both triple A and indies that seem to become popular for a few months then the game absolutely flops and no one wants to play anymore, Because the replay value goes to shit. 

What we are looking at right now is an unpolished gem, DO NOT and I REPEAT DO NOT let me down. The expectations are set so high to be honest It will be literately impossible to please everyone, and I know its alright as long we come to a compromise. Just remember, its the players that decide if a game is good, not the developers.

Signed, an overly concerned fan.

I welcome everyone in the community to express how they feel about the game, its development and how to improve, What would you like to see in the game kinda things.

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An open letter to the Devteam.
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7 years 136 days ago
Thanks for all the kind words, man.

We have only one goal and that is giving fans everything they wanted and then some. We will try our absolute best to not let you down :)

7 years 136 days ago
I fully agree, the game has potential and there yet many pits which must be avoided on the road to success.

There were too many games announced with 40K and less then 10% were actually able to deliver when released (and that was mainly not the fault of the developers).

Don't get me wrong, I have been a 40K for over 20 years (127th Steel Legion Mechanised Infantry salutes you!)and even worked in my youth for GW, I start drooling when I think of the possibility to play a game as an Inquisitor (anyone remember the Tabletop inquisitor game?) but the thoughts hit a full stop when looking at the factor publisher.

I sure do hope that you guys aren't confronted with technocratic double digit IQ Knucklehead Managers there...

Best of Luck and may the Emperor guide you