Alpha feedback


Some of my opinions to put towards the BETA

Combat is fun with lots of options but:

More enemy dialoge ingame

Ravagers telling tribesmen what to do is nice touch (tell them to charge while they hang back)

AI seems good, especially hellbrutes not having fixed kiting radius

last enemy shows on map - save hours running around

enemy firebombs do frienly fire damage

shield front arc? doenst seem to work for bullets

block clarification: block while holding or while on cooldown?

Crafting seems the best way to get strong specific gear but:

Crafting fix - exit game before time is up locks item (cannot be retrieved and cant craft anything else)

cannot salvage innoculators

ability to arrange items in crafting screen

Missions seem varied but:

Paid for mission bonuses dont apply in mission

Level design is amazing!

Try a less dense/opulent interior for missions on crashed/infested ships

Different missions should have different rewards

Interface is user friendly but:

set map transparency

camera elevation would be nice

make star map solid so cant clip through

Good luck team, your doing great so far!

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Alpha feedback
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7 years 54 days ago

Good work inquisitor. 

7 years 54 days ago
Thank your for your feedback! Added to our notes.
7 years 54 days ago

I just started playing this last night. I've seen a few issues, which I'll list below.

1: Walls obstruct view to character when moving between rooms.
2: Occasionally, enemies, or targetable objects can't be hit if you are too close them, and the enemy/object is close to a wall.

3: Sword and pistol combo caused character to "float" and no combat animations appeared for the character while that weapon slot was on. Switching to the other weapon slot corrected this for that weapon only. 

4: Health regen seems messed up occasionally. One time, as soon as  I left combat, it just refilled instantly. Other times it seems to refill slowly, then increase in speed as you wait. While I'm writing this, it's ticking up at a rate of about 2hp per second, which means I'll be done writing this before my HP fills back up. (And my current inoculator only has a single charge; a stat that I missed when equipping it.)

5: It's hard to tell if DOT attacks hit (specifically Hot-shot from the lasgun)

What I like:

1: The pacing. It was odd at first, but I like it now.

2: Item drops, but you can't change it out during the level. This allows to spend more time killing, less time messing with gear.

3: A strategic approach to this style of game. Where Diablo sets you up to just slaughter mindlessly, you need to think about what you've just run into, and retreat possibly.

What I don't care for, at the moment:

1: All the clicking with gear placement. I'd like to see a mouse-over comparison to that item, and what's equipped; no clicking.

2: The level/mission select. It's too layered, and I think it could be presented in a simpler manner. 

3: Maybe I missed something, but I don't understand the damage v dps, and weapons that I think would perform better, or worse, don't meet my expectation.

Overall, I'm liking this game, and I've been waiting for a decent sci-fi ARPG since Diablo II released. I can't wait to see the improvements to this game in the future. 

7 years 54 days ago

as reassurance to you buddy, (for the issues) 

1 - Has been mentioned / noted and some tweaks will improve this.
2 - I use Shift + Click for most combat so hadn't noticed this but well spotted.
3 - This feature isn't supposed to be in the game, so it'll be removed entirely (I think)
4 - I think this comes down to enemy aggro, if an enemy (even if moving at 1mph) is aggro'd towards you then you are still in combat. Sometimes this means you will not regen even if a mob is 500 miles away because he is still thinking about you :D

Agree with you for gear, mouse over for comparison would be convenient I think.

Also kinda agree that selecting a mission, then selecting it again to launch feels like an unneeded step but once the RPG and "choice" system comes into play I think this will seem more appropriate. I think it's supposed to be a debriefing but tbh right now it feels like an unneeded step.

Also agree with damage / offence stats at present. Seems overly confusing. Think power rating (attack rating) needs to be easily differentiated from DPS output, even through i guess they should be fairly correlated.