Allies, minions and constructs?



1) Do buffs like "buffing allies with crit chace or additionnal damage", the Puritan aura skill or the damage buff of the Voltagheist turrent affect the constructs? Are constructs mionions and allies for the game mechanics?

2) What Psalm-Code Doctrines  doctrines affect constructs except "Ordinatus Psalm    Transonic Psalm    Phosphoenic Psalm    Hermeticon Psalm"? Are they even affected by "40% minion damage" as they are described as constructs?  Is there somewhere a definition, what exactly the mechanics are for Allies, Minions and Constructs?

3) How do constructs interact with "on hit / on kill" effects, which are on the equipment of the Inquisitor? Would for example "Each kill halves the remaining Cooldown of skills" be affected by the kills of the constructs? Or only by the Inquisitors own kills?

4) Which minions skills have a cooldown for more than 1 second (which could then be reduced by the skill "30% less cooldown for minion skills"?


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Allies, minions and constructs?
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