AFter losing a mission


any ways i was doing a level 3 mission and i lose :( but  almost did win they showed me what i earn and all that but i cant click next/continue so i was stuck on in reward scren i had to shut down the comp and restart it just to get back to base

also when i got back there was a loot icon on the top of the screen it say i cant do another mission unless i get my loot but the problem is every time i take the loot more loot show up it wont stop so i am stuck in the base with unli loot

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AFter losing a mission
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6 years 304 days ago

its ok dont worry about it just please fix the bugs :) 

6 years 304 days ago
Hey, thanks for posting!

Can you give me an ingame account name? I'll try and refund your items so your char gets fixed.