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When I first started playing Inquisitor Martyr, I had to create a name. I don't like the name I created and would like to change it, please? The name that I used to create was Dark Empress. I would like it changed to Empress Jodi, if possible, please? Thanks!

P.S. Love playing Inquisitor Martyr a lot! Keep up the great work!

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Account name change
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6 days ago
We just changed your account name.
8 days ago

Is it possible to change my account name as well?

When I log in game it shows an old name (Sven) that I haven't used for years and would love to change it for my actual one : Cynical Vector

Thank you so much.

-For the Emperor-

37 days ago
Thank you so much! You folks are awesome!!
41 days ago
We changed your account name!