Account lvl?


Is it normal that after 5 completed mission i haven't got any account xp? My inquisitor lvl is ok but my account xp is stuck to zero.

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Account lvl?
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6 years 293 days ago

Up until Inquisitor Rank 4, I got no Account-XP, too. From Rank 4 on, I accumulated Account-XP.

But now I seem to get less then the mission should give. I started a mission and the description said I should get 800 Account-XP, but upon completion a have been given only 270 Account-XP.

6 years 293 days ago

thanks a lot for your reply, i'll check it out i left it at rank 4 :)

6 years 292 days ago

It may have to do with the different types of Mission. For one type of mission you'll get rank-XP, for another you get account-XP.

I just happened to start with missions that give rank-XP, then, after reaching Rank 4 I started a mission that gives account-XP.