Hey guys i want to say that the game is alot of fun to play and good job overall!

But like always there is stuff that can be improved upon.

I feel like that the combat abilities need a bit more depth and more options. Atm your combat abilities are strictly tied to the weapons you use.  I can see it getting a bit repetitive for alot of folks out there clicking LMB 1, 2 , LMB 1, 2, LMB 1, 2. (Thats literally how the assassin plays)

Maybe add a pool of damage, CC and support abilities based on the class we pick that are independent of the weapon we choose to give the players more things to choose from during battle. I havnt made it to far in the game yet but perhaps also add some perks to abilities like Dodge roll, hololithic armor, Tarantula drop etc etc to open up new ways of using our abilities instead of it it all being entirely 1 dimensional.

In no ways do i want you guys to mirror Diablo. I really like the Tactical ARPG thing you guys are going for. I just think that you guys have to dig a bit deeper when it comes to the active/ passive abilities.

Thank you for this game!

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6 years 10 days ago
I would like to make an example for perks for the armor abilities. If that helps

Hololithic armor perk

Your hololithic clones now deal DoT to close by enemies or can reflect attacks back to the attacker.

Tarantula Turret armor (dont know the name)

Your tarantula turrets can now optionally be replaced by cyclone or las cannon  turrets to help you take out tougher opponents.

Scryer armor perks

Everytime you do a phase jump you deal warp AOE damage at the spot you jump too.

Just a few examples i though up to spice up some of the armor abilities.

6 years 11 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, really useful!