a list of Bugs


Animation & Visuals

  • Dual pistols - for skills that alternatively fire pistols, character does not aim his left pistol at enemy, as a result shot is fired at 90 degree to a barrel.
  • Firing from certain cover is bugged for crusader - if he needs to crouch behind one - like boxes or rockrete blocks. For example, with bolter character raises up for first shot but then crouches back. As a result the second shot is fired through cover while crouched. For third shot character raises again. And so on.
  • While we can now equip melee + pistol or shield + pistol, their animation while using skills is bugged.
  • When opening character screen after loading to bridge, character appears without gear until you switch to another tab and back.
  • Signums are misplaced on certain weapons - for example they float in front of shield or are inside weapon (bolter, heavy flamer)
  • Light cone from Torso flashlight passes through shield
  • Stationary turrets animation when taking damage is tied to weapon. If you use Power Axe to bash it - sparks come out. If you use chain weapon - flesh chunks fly out.
  • Sometimes character may pass through closed door when trap room is triggered.
  • When performing charge attack (2H power axe #4 or Storm Shield charge) on enemy in melee range, character runs on spot for a few seconds before striking enemy

Skills and deeds

  • Some skills have broken description references
  • Game does not register heat damage done for a deed
  • Game treats Challenge level 1 mission as being 1 level higher than character's PL for fresh character
  • Debuffs - arbites shock tactics skill tree unlock progression is bugged, as well  as few others - show wrong progress bar value

Weapons & missions

  • When using a pair of overheat type pistols all skills become locked if one pistol overheats - regardless of state of other pistol.
  • On skywalks tile set enemy thrown grenades pass through floor and do nothing
  • In rare cases stationary turret may shoot at player without engineer manning it. Engineer in question is still alive, just not operating the turret.
  • You click and hold mouse button to attack certain enemy, but after a moment another enemy gets close to your target. Game starts randomly switching target between those two. In other words, clicking and holding cursor on enemy doesn't lock target on it - game switches freely to anything below or near cursor.
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a list of Bugs
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6 years 322 days ago

Some that I've noticed:

  • Clicking to start a mission causes the chat window to move to the middle of the screen
  • Chat will automatically move to the newest message despite being scrolled up
  • Mines just disappear when set off or destroyed
  • The 4th ability on shotguns doesn't seem usable, either always greyed out or doesn't do anything
  • Character sometimes takes steps backwards while using 1st ability on lasguns and autoguns even while holding shift
6 years 325 days ago
Posted by Aedwynn 6 years 326 days ago

Addendum 1:

Skywalk tileset has a lot of pathing issues.

Just get to any corner and move around it using keyboard.

Oh there's another fun one in the skywalks. Be very careful with your jump-packs folks. :D

Eventually it stopped bobbing rapidly between the two states (stuck at "ground level" and floating above the platform) when my CD finished on time to attempt a fast leap on that platform. Which was... half-way across a Medium map. Skywalk maps are buuuuggyyyyyy.

6 years 326 days ago

Update on firing from low cover bug. It affects fire rate at some cases - noticeable on lasgun. Character starts firing with LMB attack at the speed of animation rasing from cover, not at gun's actual firerate.

6 years 326 days ago

the target bug...of all bugs in game this one is the one i experienced to most and the one that annoys me the most.

This comment was edited 6 years 326 days ago by Emes
6 years 326 days ago

A lot of traps don't cover entire rooms and as such pose no threat. Character is "trapped" inside room but gas cloud covers only a tiny part of it.

6 years 326 days ago

Coop issues.

Got this strange bug that ramped up difficulty way beyond my expectations. (edited out teammate names)

6 years 326 days ago

Targetting issues.

You can't fire at highlighted enemy from that cover.

6 years 326 days ago

Camera issues.

You can't see what's inside at all, even if you turn camera around

6 years 326 days ago

Addendum 1:

Skywalk tileset has a lot of pathing issues.

Just get to any corner and move around it using keyboard.

6 years 327 days ago

Skills with missing references:

spontaneous combustion, concussive trauma, evasive bionics, adrenal glands, runic wards