A Kind reminder about 2.0 coming to console and the Trophies/Achievements.


Hello there and Thank you  for the great Art-of work <3

I keep waiting for the game to be bigger 'n better with each upcoming news

Please add more trophies to the game 'n do not make it separate  like what happened to PC       :(  "   now we have 2 different lists of of them  at steam "   on PSN  it will be a lost chance to boost the rank of the game amount others when it comes to number of trophies and points etc.

And this time add as many as 14~15   ish      trophies/Achievements to collect <3

we have not enjoyed  more  since       =     Season 2: Khorne       =

Your work is worthy   of   recognition   and  need to reach the highest place among the leaders of trophies/Achievements.

Best Of Luck <3

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3 years 57 days ago

<3  np.

And Please keep encouraging them to do so and more trophies even to some older mini content/dlcs

nothing is too late or too much        " I think is no limit to the amount of points or trophies,  but not sure "

3 years 58 days ago
I will forward your request to our console team, thanks for your feedback!:)