A hope regarding Puritan/Radical morality


So, a discussion emerged during my exploration of the new patch today about the idea of the Puritan/Radical morality scale and things like using Xeno/Chaos weapons and such. This led me to a thought: that's not all we're getting, is it? 

I confess it's a bit of a lore hound point but the divisions within the Puritan and Radical Churches of the Inquisition have been played up in the fiction and lore for quite a while. A Xanthian - an Inquisitor who advocates using Daemon Weaponry and the powers of Chaos to fight Chaos - is not going to find an easy comrade with the likes of an Istaavian - who advocates extreme survival of the fittest rule to strengthen the Imperium. 

Equally, on the Puritan side, a Thorian - who wants to find a sacred vessel to hold the Spirit of the Emperor - is likely to cross paths with an Amalathian Inquisitor who wants to keep everything the same.

I accept that another series of stats to track your sub-faction may not be feasible (though it would admittedly be cool to see) but I imagine it would be doable and quite possible to display these other methods of thinking through things like the Investigations and it could cause an impact in the Sector as Recongregators topple governments, for instance. 

I know morality is some time away and I know that this is something of a small point but I think it would be a very flavourful thing to have, so I just wanted to bring it up, to get opinions. 

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A hope regarding Puritan/Radical morality
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7 years 75 days ago
It may just be wishful thinking on my part here, but I would be surprised if we didn't get some sort of "personalization" component along the lines of what you're saying here. It sounds like they're saying the missions you take - and how you play - is going to have an effect on your character and more. 

So for example, taking mission after mission of "stamp out chaos cultists" might weaken them in the zone you are in, or it might just cause them to double their efforts and up the assaults! 

There's bound to be so many ways the can tweak the data of your game based on your character and how you play - I'm sure they've just started with the tip of this iceberg!