A few questions


Hi everyone

Got a few questions about the game, was hoping someone could help a noob out!

1. Glory Pack and Great Glory Pack - What do these give you? I have achieved both this week but didn't seem to get anything for them.

2. Innoculator Components - Do these do anything at the moment? I seem to have access to all of them in the Innoculator screen already.

3. Planets/Systems - Are there more to unlock? I have 5 planets in the Tenebra Sub-Sector ranging from Level 1-4. I ask because according to the older patch notes there are some mission types (Bunker Buster and Silence the Guns) that do not appear on any of the planets here. Were they removed?

4. Power Level - So, after about 8 hours playtime I had all green gear and was at level 50ish of 66 in both Offense and Defense. Now, after, 33 hours im only up to 52ish. Am I missing something or do I just need to get lucky and find or craft Purple gear for every slot to get to Power 2? Am I more likely to get Purple Drops or Ancient Mechanisms on the Power 3-4 Missions? 

Also, how am I going to get to power 3 if im already at the best gear to get to power 2? or is that just the limit of the Alpha so far?


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A few questions
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7 years 25 days ago

1 - You get rewards (items) at the end of the week.

2 - I "think" I have seen an extra item added to the list from completing a sector.
3 - at the moment wysiwyg / What you see is what you get
4 - Missions were taken out for now due to being broken and unplayable.
5 - You need full purple and Max purple to level up at the moment, consider that we arent currently testing progression and thus it hasn't been tuned correcntly. The loot is the same on any mission irregardless of power level. Although tarrot missions will give you guaranteed purples. Once you get power level 2 - you start finding power level 2 gear, and start progressing to 3 etc. Basically you complete a gear "set" then progress currently. Don't worry too much about progression, everyone is in a rush to do it.. but it's not currently implemented and characters will all be wiped a few more times anyway :D

7 years 25 days ago

Awesome, thank you very much.


7 years 24 days ago

I can confirm that the Innoculator unlocks additional options as you earn the upgrades via system Glory level. I was confused initially as I thought it was an item of some kind. After reaching my 2nd systems Innoculator unlock I gained a definately new ability in the list.