A Few possible bugs/glitches i've encountered


During the course of playing through the game for a few days, I've encounter several possible issues. I'm not sure if these things have already been brought to your attention or not, but thought I'd pop this up anyway:

1) The Heavy Flamer's disengage skill (where you walk backwards slowly and fire) is currently only shooting a very short burst of flame while the character stops and starts as he moves backwards, rather than constantly firing and moving back (as I think it was intended, since it's a channeled skill).

2) After using the Tarot feature and generating a mission, clicking on the Tarot again got me stuck in the Tarot selection screen. I had to close the game via the taskbar and restart. The Tarot mission was still available when I returned to the system, however.

3) When starting a new mission, I had randomly unequipped my secondary weapon (in this case it was the multi-melta, which I had just unlocked from leveling up). I still had my primary weapon, but when I switched to my melta it was not loading in (my character was just holding up his hands, pretending to hold his lost melta and being very sad) and all the weapon skills where locked. My character also glided across the floor rather than use the walking animation. I also discovered after returning from the mission that my main implant had also been taken off, which I had also equipped just before the mission. They where still in my inventory, thankfully, and remained equipped when I tried a new mission.

4) I'm not sure if this is because I'm missing something to open them, but I am also not gaining access to my glory rewards. I pass the required amount of Glory, but there is no screen to unlock the reward.

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A Few possible bugs/glitches i've encountered
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6 years 217 days ago

About #4: Glory rewards are given after one week has passed.

6 years 214 days ago

Ahh, I see. Thanks for the clarification!