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So, I've been playing for a couple of days, most of my suggestions from what I've read in related threads are already covered. Mostly just a couple of QOL ideas.

I know its alpha, the feeling of generic lobby shooter is strong at the moment, but I'm guessing that's more to do with the alpha stage than anything else.

  • Ability to auto-snap the camera to behind or an over-shoulder view, or lowering the angle if i haven't missed how to do it in the instructions
  • The Skills/Talents are way too much, they do not feel valuable, many games thesedays have taken to offering reduced amounts but give a sense of value and accomplishment, also its a little overwhelming.
  • Ability to cancel cast - IE accidentally hit grenade and got my finger on it, how do i cancel? (assuming i have not missed the instructions somewhere also)
  • one thing you might want to do at launch is tutorial missions, which i assume you will do something like that, because those tutorial wall of text is a bit mind numbing.
  • when starting a dedicated anti armour weapon would be nice, especially with all the sentinels and tanks i am facing and trusting my lowly plasma pistol or plasma gun to kill. 
  • Some description on weapon tooltips thats a little easier for us newbies, IE Plasma excels at armoured targets/autogun excels at general mobs etc.
  • is it just me or does the flamer and shotgun feel ... Meh? lasrifle too actually, currently running autogun rifle/plasma rifle combo which seems to deal with most mobs adequately, not much incentive to mix things up. I've learned to have dedicated fast firing anti infantry and anti armour weapons.
  • Make the default movement keys WASD. otherwise its just awkward, less hand movement about a keyboard in games is usually Key!
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