2018 Developer interview (vid)


Hello Inquisitors! 

Finally we manage to have a chat with Neocore and ask a few questions about their current project. Currently there were lots of other questions I had - But I excluded a couple given that there was no information ready to be released from under NDA. Seems that Neocore want to keep a close eye on some of their secrets. But we do manage to squeeze a little information out of them.

Also keep an eye open, 30 minutes after posting this i'll be doing a livestream to talk through the interview.

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2018 Developer interview (vid)
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317 days ago
Sorry I missed the live stream (migraine today, which bites). Seems like they are keeping the majority under raps which is good in its own way. 
317 days ago
Thanks for the video. I don't think that is bad that they keep the big thing secret which will come with the full game and after. One of the reasons why I stopped playing the alpha is I don't want to be burned out from the game before it is even launches. Not to mention the wipe.
316 days ago
We should make up a donation page. That guy needs a new mic and it seems like they cant afford some ^^.