2018 Developer interview (vid)


Hello Inquisitors! 

Finally we manage to have a chat with Neocore and ask a few questions about their current project. Currently there were lots of other questions I had - But I excluded a couple given that there was no information ready to be released from under NDA. Seems that Neocore want to keep a close eye on some of their secrets. But we do manage to squeeze a little information out of them.

Also keep an eye open, 30 minutes after posting this i'll be doing a livestream to talk through the interview.

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2018 Developer interview (vid)
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6 years 169 days ago
We should make up a donation page. That guy needs a new mic and it seems like they cant afford some ^^.
6 years 170 days ago
Thanks for the video. I don't think that is bad that they keep the big thing secret which will come with the full game and after. One of the reasons why I stopped playing the alpha is I don't want to be burned out from the game before it is even launches. Not to mention the wipe.
6 years 170 days ago
Sorry I missed the live stream (migraine today, which bites). Seems like they are keeping the majority under raps which is good in its own way.