2.0 thank you


Just played Martyr 2.0 for a good hour and half after starting a new crusader. Honestly, its awesome! well done guys. The speed up of movement and skills has really been the making of the combat. So a masive thank you to the Devs for not giving up. Hang in there, theres still work needs doing, but I shall take this as a sign of good things to come. Consider me buying the expansion. 

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2.0 thank you
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3 years 166 days ago
I have to admit to loving the changes of Update 2, everything is so much better, I had sunk over 200 hrs in the old version and I was a little worried about the changes.  I’m very glad to be wrong - so ‘thank you’ to all at Neocore.

Consider your expansion bought! ;)

3 years 166 days ago
I want to give credit, where credit is due!

Thanks for sticking to it and revamping the game, shame that it may be too little (not in my opinion) too late, but since I am still playing once or twice a week, I am really happy with the new changes.

Now try to get the word-of-mouth rolling (^.^)=b