-2 passive skill points


I bought a 'mind reset' so I could reallocate the skill points. I used those points in other trees, and everything was fine - until I did a couple missions and checked my skill trees. All of the skill points I reset, are now back as they were BEFORE the reset, along with all the new passive skills I used the reset skill points on. Now I am -2 points.

But I don't understand how many points there should be at level 100.

 If you count here, it turns out 109.

But, if you look at any build on YouTube, then at level 100 - 111 points.

I dropped all passive skills, and at 92 level I got 100 points. 

If the maximum passive skills at level 100 is 109, then there are no questions.

But! If the maximum passive skills at level 100 is 111, then I lost 2 passive skill points. How to get them back in this case?

PC (Steam) version game

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-2 passive skill points
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2 years 227 days ago

The issue has been resolved. The topic can be closed. Thank.

2 years 227 days ago
That's not a bug. You can buy 2 passive points and 1 Attribute Point from Special MIssion - Merciful Agony XCIII for some credits and fate. That's why most of the endgame builds have 111 instead of 109.
2 years 227 days ago

this happened to me once as well but I found my skill points in another tree that I reseted with mind reset before. sometimes when you use mind reset and go into another mission right after you redistribute your points game acts this way. you have to use a mind reset again to fix it.