2 new crafting bugs


New bug with newest build. BTW, i'm very happy that the bug with retrieving items completed while logged off is fixed.

*started crafting an item. (30 minute timer, was a purple plasma pistol)

*logged off, and logged back in much later to retrieve item. 

*noticed that even though the tool tips and recipe stated it should craft with attack rating corresponding to my current character's current gear level, it came out with gear level 1 rating.

*decided to craft another one, to see if it also came out gear rating 1 planned on staying online on the crafting character to see if it mattered.

*hit the craft button, and the item was ready to retrieve instantly.

*retrieved 2nd item. tried crafting 2 green items to see what would happen.

*both greens (inferno pistols) crafted instantly. 

*all resources and credits were correctly debited from my account in each crafting action.

*instant crafting fixed itself after shutting off and restarting client. (i didn't attempt to swap to another character and log back in to craft.)

so, there you go. Can someone from neocore clarify if items are intended to craft at a certain rating? if it's dictated by the recipe or the character crafting it? and i'm pretty damn sure the timer isn't supposed to be broken. i think it's perfectly reasonable to have timers on crafting things.

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2 new crafting bugs
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7 years 72 days ago

I have the exact same issues. It happens on both my characters. I also posted this issue in the Mantis Bug Tracker.

7 years 71 days ago

I have also the same issues. Have power rating of 2 in both attack and defense, but can still only craft tier 1 items