2 Hours Left and Maintenence?


6 skulls left to go during a bug plagued event, and they shut down the servers with 2 hours left.  

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2 Hours Left and Maintenence?
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6 years 42 days ago
We are sorry for the experience, nevertheless we announced it on our Steam forum and on Discord that we expanded the event by 1 day due to the connection problem experienced by many during the weekend and the deadline is the 5PM (CET) on Tuesday. 
6 years 42 days ago
I get it, but they could have set the time to reflect when they were actually ending the event.
6 years 42 days ago
Well it was announced, they even extended the skull event one whole day.

What do you expect?

Also they need some time between shutdown and release and we already knew since yesterdays AMA they aim for 1900 release time.