2-handed Bug


I get no attack animation with Sword + Pistol | Heavy Bolter equiped. There is also a nice glitch effect added, looks like i have a hoverboard now :)

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2-handed Bug
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7 years 106 days ago

Unfortuantely it's been like this since day one :D it's something we all get and apparently somethign tricky to fix. Wait a few days tho, might be sorted in the next patch :)

7 years 105 days ago
These weapon combos were not intended, therefore we wanted to block them from within the code. This was forgotten however, and now issues like this happen. Will get fixed soon.
7 years 105 days ago

Wait a minute... You do say for instance bolter pistol paired with chainsword/powersword are not intended?

7 years 104 days ago

Sword and pistol was unintended?  
Maybe some clarification would be in order.