4 Bugs found

  1. Today I lost an Escort Mission. While the Door of the Room with the VIP was still closed/locked, the VIP died suddenly. Watch the Picture below: Picture Below
  2. The Icons of the Buffs?/DeBuffs? are messed up. Sometimes there are 4 equal Icons for 4 different Buffs/DeBuffs shown. This Bug is present since: Patch 1.0.5
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4 Bugs found
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4 years 215 days ago

I see that as well with the debuff Icons. Whenever I get a temporary debuff from a Massacre Bonus, killstreak or a shrine, some of my other debuffs change to the same debuff-icon. This makes it hard to see which debuffs are active at the Moment.

Additionally, the perk "Attack Anchor" seems to have worked only once(!) for me, and never again...

4 years 216 days ago
In the "Ranged Skill Tree" there are still several Tooltipps showing "{critical_hit_chance, 100}" or something like this (German Language Tooltips, if this Detail is needed).
4 years 216 days ago

And if you don´t mind me tuning in as well. When mobs throw grenades, it sometimes get stuck and explodes high in the air.

I know, not much. I know. But it´s a bug, so I just felt like mentioning it.