"-15 Passive Skill Points" Please ACTUALLY reset my skill tree?!


I bought a 'mind reset' so I could reallocate the skill points out of a single skill tree, the "Single Dps" skill tree, I used those points in other trees, and everything was fine - until I did a couple missions and checked my skill trees. All of the skill points I reset, are now back as they were BEFORE the reset, along with all the new passive skills I used the reset skill points on. Now I am -16 points total in my "Single Dps" skill tree. I do not want these points there. I have already gained a level and it seems I will need to level up 15 more times on top of that to even be able to gain new skill points. This is ridiculous! I want those skill points out of there! 

Over on the steam community someone said this was a common issue. I bought another reset and was told to close the window before doing anything else. Hopefully this fixes this. 

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"-15 Passive Skill Points" Please ACTUALLY reset my skill tree?!
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70 days ago
A piece of good news: we most likely fixed this issue just yesterday and until now the internal tests could not bring about the problem. The fixes will be in the next patch and hopefully the negative skill point bug will not occur again.
70 days ago
Common issue.

Sometimes the game registers passives based on an older version of the game from memory. In any case, using resets to llllllclear everything then go again does work. It's a pain earluy on thankls to lack of mind resets stored (always keep 2 or 3 stacks fo 20 in your shared cache just in case). But also try verifying your cache as sometimes that plays into it.