13 daily mission completion


Can anyone help me?  I am trying to figure out what daily challenges I have missed.  I have done 11/13 and searched everywhere to figure out what I am missing.  Is there even a way to see what you have done?  I have scrolled all achievements and quite frankly kind of disappointed that a game would not keep records of what you have accomplished in this sense. If possible I would rather not have to keep rerolling or waiting until I hopefully find the right mission before the season ends to complete this.  Thanks

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13 daily mission completion
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135 days ago

Hi Turtle,

I feel your pain. Many players did. In fact, so many felt the pain that we dug around a bit and discovered that this information is technically available in your game files, it's just a bit of a mess to try to find. About a month ago, I wrote a quick web app that extracts the information and displays it neatly. That site is here:


If you disabled crash logs in the options, you'll need to re-enable and restart the game twice. Most players don't disable this.

Since you only have two left and Marco pulled them both for you (presumably directly from the character database), it's probably too late for my tool to be of much use to you. Still, you're welcome to it, and if there are other players having the same problem, here's a solution.

135 days ago
I can name these:

1. Kill 200 enemies within a minute (there is no level requirement)

2. Complete 2 missions in a row without using Belt or Armour skills at least 4 levels higher.

We learned from this experience that players could not track the Challenges and hence did not know which one they actually completed and which they didn't. We will pay attention to this detail in our next Season.