100% Disk usage


Ok so just yesterday for some reason I could not get the game to get past the startup load screen and have found no work arounds. I just tried again and double checked everything and now its driving disk usage to 100%. Anyone had any issues like this?

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100% Disk usage
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7 years 54 days ago
Sooth Sayer

Between the windows CHKDSK tool, WMIC, and CrystalDiskInfo Im getting nothing but green returns saying 100% health. I was mostly really hoping that this had been a reported and fixed issue but I was unable to find anything about it. I have currently got a seagate 1TB HDD (ST1000DM003) incase anyone stumbles across this.

7 years 54 days ago
No, though that sounds really bad. What harddrive are you using?

My first reaction (as this has happened to me twice) is your harddrive is about to explode. Do a system disk error check on it, to be sure. If that is not the case, uninstall and reinstall on a diffrent disk drive, if it does it again on a different drive you might have found some sort of hardware/software problem. If it works fine on a different drive, back up your files on the prior and get ready to buy a new one.