1.) Mine stunned despite levitation // 2.) buffs lost on stun // 3.) Invisible mines



Using fire form and levitation, the damage from fire form destroys mines which (bug) falsely makes them trigger and deal damage / release ground dot / stun.
I'd expect mines that are destroyed to not do this.


Getting stunned or knocked down for ANY reason removes ALL buffs, which is, on any build that requires these buffs, 30-60s downtime, breaking the games flow far beyond what is reasonable.
Seriously, please fix this.


On more outdoor-ish maps, mines tend to be fully invisible when covered by the not-flat-surfaced ground,
especially together with point (2), this is incredibly annoying.

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4 years 105 days ago
1.) get stunned by invisible mine, lose all buffs instantly

2.) use the time you wait for the buffs cooldowns to post on the forums and tell the devs what a shitty idea this is
3.) ???
4.) profit!!!

4 years 108 days ago
Posted by Irrelewahnt 4 years 109 days ago
You forgott. "Stunned even if my supression bar was full! My mines can't do such things!"
That's right, of course!

But let's see the positive things in it,
this way I have more time posting on the forums, waiting for my buffs cooldowns to clear! -.-

4 years 109 days ago
You forgott. "Stunned even if my supression bar was full! My mines can't do such things!"
4 years 109 days ago
Damn, I can't.... by all means.... believe how you (YOU Neocore) could even think of such a stupid thing!

On the other hand, the ever more breaking-apart graphics while progressing in the campaign do really well fit the stupidity of those random-remove-all-your-buff-occasions, really, well fitting, both unbearable to even look at.

For you, neocore, in detail again:
- you made a class that heavily depends on buffs
- some setups may be so dependent on it, that you can't do shit without them
- they tend to have 60s cooldown
- Neocore thinks it's a good idea in a fast paces action RPG to have people sit there for 60s and wait for cooldowns?!? I do hope not!

Damn, get this fixed already!

4 years 110 days ago

And yet again, wtf...

Question: "What's the strongest, most difficult, most devastating enemy in the whole game?"

Answer: "Mines, mostly invisible mines, but generally mines ...any some tiny mobs that can instantly completely remove all your buffs."

Also, why does everything debuff-like (knockback, knockdown, slow, ...) need yellow or red suppression resistence (stupid name, really, get a better name for that thing!).
BUT there are exceptions that can instantly remove all your buffs, or knockdown and remove all buffs, even if you are "in the green" ?!

If you, Neocore, had spent even half as much effort and creativity into polishing the game and removing gamebreaking bugs that persist since alpha,
as you spent to invent random stuff to remove all buffs from players (mines, cut-scenes, random mobs, random effects, all ignoring suppression resistance ofc...),
then this game would be tripple A now at the vey least!

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4 years 110 days ago
trollolol wtf

I just noticed those plague-something champion (medium level) mobs with their big sword and dash....
If their dash even barely touches you, without even moving your character, you INSTANTLY LOSE ALL BUFFS.

Looks to me like the whole "we throw away all your buffs" thingy of all the things listed in this thread is a deliberate troll.

WTF Neocore?!?
Fix this ASAP!

4 years 111 days ago
Yup, 2) is really annoying, Stuns shouldn't remove buffs.
4 years 111 days ago

Add to this, that mines in missions where you do not expect them (not rebel guard) ...and then there is just ONE stun mine in your way in a big room....is an incredibly stupid idea, except ofc if annoying players is your prime objective!

This random stun mine thingy is so increadibly disgusting, why.....WHY the hell would you even think of such a foolish idea in the first place?!

I can imagine the devs sitting in a bar, half drunk and talking about game ideas, then one says:
"Hey, lets make a class that is heavily dependent on buffs, but those buffs have 60s cd and then let's make all stuns/knockdowns and some other random things remove ALL buffs on players completely, and then let's place single, totally random stun mines in missions, and give that class an ability to ignore mines, but they'll still be stunned un-buffed even with that ability!"

*other devs looking at each other...*
"Yea, that sounds totally awesome, let's do it exactly that way!"
*all devs nodding*

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