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I'm realistic environment concept artist In the competitive world of game development, where every second counts and deadlines are revered, realistic environments are becoming more essential for both artistic and technical design. This is especially true in the realm of 3D visualization, where every second of game play is critical, and a world-class environment can be the difference between success and failure. The growing trend of outsourcing environments to skilled game developers has created a new trend of outsourcing environments which are of high quality and of relatively low cost. The process of creating a game is not complete without good, original backgrounds concept art. Game background concept art is a visual representation of what the game will actually look like and can be an excellent tool for getting a sense of direction. For instance, if a game developer wants to create an underwater ocean scene, he or she must not only have some excellent artwork, but also the ability to create it with shaders and physically based simulations, as well as the ability to produce this using a low poly model. This creates a realistic environment which is closer to life, as opposed to a flat 2D rendition. The use of textures, surfaces, reflections and lighting can all be highly technical, but a background that has been realistically crafted using a low poly model, and has the appropriate lighting and shading can be a tremendous source of inspiration for the creative team.