Warzone rewards seem a bit on the insanely too good compared to crusades


Hit the endgame and started doing crusades/warzones, finished my first crusade last night, enjoyed opening the chests and then after a few lucky drops got to start an ebony crusade, that's when I found the warzone and decided to try it out, so far in about 33-34 missions I've gotten more relics/archeotechs EVERY mission than I ever did running full tarot for relic/archeo on crusade missions. Should I even bother with crusades since I can get constant and nearly every mission relics AND shards without NEEDING to worry about tarot cards?

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117 days ago
You get them only once per completed mission. If you rerun a mission in warzone (because you reset due to a failure or do the last mission of the entire warzone over and over again), you won't get the "guaranteed" relics again.

So they're a nice boost, but crusades will still be better, as they will always give you relics.