Unable to obtain "Angel of Death" bonuses / "Death Incarnated" trophy


Since the Season of the Inferno ended, I have not been able to obtain any "Angel of Death" bonuses, despite having a great deal of critical hit increase abilities, use of digital weapons, etc. Currently stuck at 24/30 for the "Death Incarnated" trophy progress - is there something I'm missing? Thanks.

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14 days ago
The next update will address this issue but it will take time to roll it out as other things are also in the works. As soon as we will have a more accurate date for the update I will spread it on the forum.
15 days ago
Is there an estimate on the patch? It's the only trophy I have left, and it's taken away from my enjoyment of the game having to wait for the game to be fixed.
20 days ago

Yes, this trophy/achievement is unobtainable, the recent patch has broken this and my counter is stuck at 0.

As somebody already pointed out, the last time somebody acquired this trophy/achievement was on the 11th March 21 on PlayStation and Xbox.

I hope this really is a priority and not forgotten about and forever "investigated"?

24 days ago
The issue is still under investigating so I cannot yet tell how much time it will take to patch the problem. Nevertheless, it became a priority on our end so the next patch will definitely address the problem.
27 days ago
Is there any update on this ? Supposedly looking into it over a week ago , is there a patch coming soon? 
29 days ago
Same here guys... lvl. 70 crusader build towards critical hit + digital weapons and still unable to trigger "Angel of Death", getting a lot of critical damage but nothing seens to work.
31 days ago
I'm also unable to trigger "Angel of Death". When I activate my Digital Weapons and go Full Auto with the Autogun, I get criticals at an insane rate and certainly more than 10 criticals with no more than 1 second in between.
31 days ago

The new requirement seem buged.
I run in Myrkon until I had like 50 guys on my screen and bash shield the ground.
I am pretty sure I had 10 crit at least one time on my screen but angel of death doesn't pop up.

36 days ago
We will re-check this then, thanks for letting us know!
36 days ago

in my humble opinion, the best choice would be to use channeled skills rather than salvo ones. I got my achievement on the 60th day from the start of the game and it achievement was last on the list. just be patient and good luck =)

36 days ago

OP is right about "Angel of Death" bonuses being unobtainable and thus the "Death Incarnated" is also unobtainable. I have tried hours using the autogun with near 100% crit chance and still have not had a "Angel of Death" bonus since the patch that change the requirements. 

Furthermore, I have also checked Trueachievements.com and TrueTrophies.com and not a single person has unlocked the  "Death Incarnated" achievement/trophy since March 11, the day the patch came out.

38 days ago

You can benefit from the Angle of Death if you unleash 10 crit hits with 2 seconds between them (we changed it upon receiving feedback that the previous changes were not beneficial enough).

39 days ago
Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I've meet the requirements many times over with no success. Between my build and use of an autogun/digital weapons, I do an obscene amount of critical hit damage, but never get the bonus to trigger. It looks like there are players on the Steam forum encountering the same problem. Wonder if it needs to be fixed...
39 days ago

Massacre effects

  • Angel of Death no longer gives invulnerability or Critical strength but 35% Critical damage bonus. Also note that the trigger changed: it now requires 10 crits with only 1 second in between, from 3 crits with 3 seconds in between

Patch Notes

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