Stuck on Logging in...


Van Helsing Final Cut.

I created a new account yesterday and I cannot play the game. At least not multiplayer co-op which is why I purchased the game.

Meanwhile, my friend is stuck on a "Invalid email or invalid password" screen. 

Has all online features been axed for this game already? 

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Stuck on Logging in...
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37 days ago

Hello there!

Online play had been discontinued for the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. You can, however, access your online characters and use them in offline play. Please refer to the following article about how to to so:


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37 days ago

Same problem here

64 days ago
Same problem here
67 days ago

I can't get online in the game Van Hellsing final cut - it is stuck on "loggin in" after start.

Offline all my charakters are gone 

I logged in here on the homepage and change my password and reinstall the game (Van Hellsing) - same problem

I don't have the problem with Warhammer 40k Martyr - online

I tryd it on my second system whit the same result.

I need help to fix this problem

68 days ago
pigs might fly
i play 2 different pc, can u help me ?
69 days ago

I have the same issue. Are there any solutions?

78 days ago
same problem!!!! any solutions?
83 days ago
Same here! 
99 days ago
Same here, what happened? Is this game abandoned?
115 days ago

Can anyone help?

I can't get in the game - it is stuck on "loggin in" after start.

From Steam page my achievments are gone.

What is going on?

Game was working perfectly fine like before weekend, and never ever played any kind of MP or anything.

EDIT: Ups, it is about WH40k: Martyr

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117 days ago
Same here, just bought the game...
148 days ago
Online features are still available since closing the online server, you need to select 'Play offline' then select 'Multiplayer' from the character select screen.

So, DO NOT TRY TO LOGIN, choose 'Play Offline' and agree to the warning, on the following screen select your character and click on the 'Multiplayer' option...

156 days ago

Never let in online from Logging in......

156 days ago
I got a same problem. :( I was changed the pass after "Network error" How we can login and create online game again?
160 days ago
Same issue.  I've had the game for years but a friend bought it on sale because i told her the co-op was a lot of fun and now she can't create an account and I can't login to mine after reinstalling.
161 days ago

I have the same problem.

167 days ago
I cannot get past the password screen; server error messgae. Have not been able to play as the Neocore account will not permit access unless the player is logged in. Please advise, thank you.
169 days ago
I have the same problem too.
169 days ago
I have the same problem.