Stuck at starmap


im stuck at the ventus system, there are no missions for me to select.

i also cant travel anywhere, is there any way to fix that?

steamacc: icecruti  / character: Cruti

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Stuck at starmap
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1 year 42 days ago
Noted, expect a fix soon!
1 year 43 days ago
I have the same problem as OP.

Acct: Avoss / Character: Voss

1 year 45 days ago
We are still on the matter as it requires more time than we initially expected - check on your progress in the upcoming days! 
1 year 46 days ago
1 year 47 days ago

still waiting for that fix

1 year 48 days ago
Thanks for reporting the case, we will check on your account and fix your progress in the shortest time possible.