Purge missions challenge


Any tips for this one?

It's fine when you're in the 60s, but as a level 96, +4 missions are not exactly abundant. Intel missions go up to +3, so those are no good. VC missions are ok, but not many are purge.

How to find two +4 purge missions when all the standard ones are level 70 and tarots can only boost them to 90?

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Purge missions challenge
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2 years 176 days ago
True, forgot about assignments - thanks for the tip!
2 years 177 days ago
Run a random assignment at +5. These are almost always purge missions, and even if you get unlucky, you should still get them complete in fairly short order.

There's a couple void crusades which can be set up to give two consecutive +5's, too, but you'll end up running about 9-10 missions total to do so. The random assignments are a bit quicker.