[PS4/XboxOne] Season of the Inferno | November 4


Updates for Inquisitor have been released. Please make sure that your console has downloaded the update fully. The game needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

New Features

Introducing Seasons

Seasonal ladders are an iconic element of modern ARPGs, and we are excited to announce this new feature coming to Inquisitor. Ladders are built around a key theme, which will affect gameplay in- and outside of combat. New buffs and spells, challenging quests and exciting rewards await - who will be the one to ascend the highest on the ladder and complete all Tier Objectives?

First Season: Season of the Inferno

Season of the Inferno will be built around one of the most primal elements - fire. Are you going to strike down on the enemies of the Emperor with righteous flame, or will you be the one to be burned? This is for you to decide. The fiery theme will be present across the entire game for ladder characters, from the selection screen to the deepest, Nurgle-infested nests.

  • Creating a Seasonal Character means a fresh start for every player
  • Seasonal Characters can not interact with non-seasonal characters in any way
  • Seasonal Characters benefit from various Seasonal Mechanics
  • Seasonal Characters can receive Season-only items
  • Seasonal Characters can find Season-only random missions on the Starmap
  • Seasonal Characters are distinguished by their portrait frame, and by various indicators in the Main Menu
  • At the end of the Season, all Seasonal Characters become regular, non-season characters along with all their items and other possessions
  • To learn more about the Seasonal mechanics, items and objectives, check out our Compendium.

Item Transfer through Mail Terminal: Players can send items and credits to other players via the new Mail Terminal located in the Command Bridge

Three new Void Crusades

  • Azure
  • Zircon
  • Violet

Recruitment function: Matchmaking was improved and renamed to "Recruitment". You can now create "Rooms" for your specific needs, and broadcast that to other players. You can set up what kind of mission you want to play and who can join you for some glorious carnage!

New Weekly Glory Leaderboard rewards

  • Three unique consumables can be obtained now if one gets into the top 10 on the Weekly Glory Leaderboard:
    • Litany of Serendipity: significantly increases the chance of finding Relic items in the next 3 missions
    • Benediction of Abundance: significantly increases the amount of items dropped in the next 3 mission
    • Ultimate Fortune: significantly increases the values of enchants on items found during the next 3 missions
  • The top 10 players will get rewarded the following way:
    • Top 1: 5 consumables (randomized)
    • Top 2: 4 consumables (randomized)
    • Top 3: 3 consumables (randomized)
    • Top 4: 2 consumables (randomized)
    • Top 5: 2 consumables (randomized)
    • Top 6-10: 1 consumable (randomized)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a rare crash in vehicle missions [XBOX only]
  • Fixed the blinking visual effect for the Skulltaker's special attack  [PS4 only]
  • Fixed an issue where the passive skill points could go negative
  • Fixed an issue where story mission difficulties could be 0 or negative
  • Fixed an issue in PVP where if a player left before the end of the match the other player did not win automatically
  • Fixed an issue where there were no unlock requirement on various Ancient Relic item enchants
  • Fixed an issue where the Fulgurite Shard did not affect the Puritan Energy Shield
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Personal Teleporter belt item consumed two charges instead of one
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes it was not possible to craft a Relic or Artificer item
  • Fixed the "Complete missions without using Inoculator on your level or higher" unlock requirement which counted those missions as well which were below our character's level
  • Fixed the "Complete missions without dying on your level or higher" unlock requirement which counted those missions as well which were below our character's level
  • Fixed the issue with the "Complete 2 Purge missions within 30 minutes at least 4 levels higher" challenge, where the Purge missions completed in Void Crusades did not count
  • You can now modify your equipped items at the Crafting panel
  • Corrected the description of the Well Rounded Heroic Deed to be more accurate
  • Updated the Rapid Elimination Protocol perk's description
  • Fixed an issue where some Construct modules' enchants as well as their values could not be rerolled
  • Fixed an issue where enemy Construct units did not drop loot
  • Corrected the description of the number of enchants which were displayed on Construct module blueprints
  • The Energy Shield has a new effect to be more transparent
  • Several typo and localization fixes

Balance Changes

  • Made some slight changes at the end of the "The Primogenitor" mission, so players will no longer miss out on picking up their righteous loot after killing the boss 
  • Rebalanced the movement speed of the fugitive in Hot Pursuit missions
  • The primary AoE damage enchant's damage bonus is increased from 8-15% to 12-30%, and the enchant now rolls for shields and signums too
  • The secondary AoE damage enchant no longer rolls on items
  • Reduced the unlock requirement of the Stalwart Servant Heroic Deed to 20
  • Reduced the unlock requirement of the Chain Reaction Heroic Deed to 250
  • Considerably reduced unlock requirements for many Ancient Relic item enchants
  • The Crusader's Assault Jump skill is much more responsive now

Quality of Life improvements

  • Graveyard function: the last deleted character can now be restored, if you accidentally deleted it
  • Re-designed Main Menu
  • Trophies window [PS4 only]: The players can now check the exact progress of their trophies. Available from the Main menu, the Data Terminal from the Command Bridge, and from the Pause menu during gameplay
  • Achievements link [XBOX only]: The players can quickly open the achievements window to check their progress. Available from the Main menu, the Data Terminal from the Command Bridge, and from the Pause menu during gameplay
  • Several new stat displays have been added to the Character sheet, like Reflect Chance, Reflect Damage, Suppression Damage Reduce, Loot Quantity bonus, Loot Quality bonus, Bonus Experience gain, DoT Damage bonus and much more!
  • The "Debuff legend" screen has been added to the pause menu during gameplay. Here you can see all debuffs you can apply to enemies, and what they cause exactly
  • Time played, story progression and other stats can now be seen for every character in the main menu

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[PS4/XboxOne] Season of the Inferno | November 4
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1 year 277 days ago
According to our general daily tests the servers are running fine. Could you please re-check if the issue is still present ?
1 year 278 days ago
Tried to have a friend join a party and it went thru all the steps but the final which just kept loading and never connected. Are the servers for ps4 working? Thank you.
1 year 282 days ago
Cerberus Hades
You can calculate with more than 4 months, will be approximately as long as it was on PC.
1 year 282 days ago
how long  is the event for 


1 year 284 days ago
Could you please tell us your PSN? We would like to check on your character.
1 year 285 days ago
Ps4. After update, my original game is bugging. 

My void crusade won't save each level I complete, so had to back track twice, game only likes a set path. 

Also earnt two passive skill points, one for leveling up to 67 and one for a heroic deed, but they aren't appearing. 

1 year 285 days ago
Great update keep up the good work.
1 year 286 days ago
No, there will be no new Trophies or Achievements of any kind with this new Season on Consoles. There are none/with of it on PC.

So if you Console plrs gets it, you are having a privilege.

1 year 286 days ago
Are there new trophies on the ps4 with the new season?
1 year 286 days ago

Please check on it now, the maintenance got prolonged to check on some things.

1 year 286 days ago
Server again offline?
1 year 286 days ago
servers gone down when will it be back up