[PS/Xbox] Season of the Empyrean Echoes out now & Content Update for Xbox


The Season of Empyrean Echoes is here! 

Deadly enemies of past eras have been resurrected by the Warp and vomited back into Realspace, bringing a new reign of terror and havoc to the Imperium. Hunt down these Revenants and Empyrean Elites with extreme prejudice and send them back into the Sea of Souls where they belong. Then embark on a Crusade in the Void and reap your well-deserved rewards.

The theme of our newest Season revolves around the flow of time. Players can encounter various enemies that lived and fought in the past but returned by the Warp as 'Echoes'. Some of these may even be enemies that the players themselves previously killed.

New buffs and spells, challenging quests and exciting rewards await you once again. Fight your way up the ladder, collect your rewards and etch your name into the walls of Season 4's Hall of Heroes.

A full overview of the features of Inquisitor's 4th Season can be found here - make sure to check it out to see the new mechanics, objectives and other things.

Patch: XSX1.0.5.0 / Xbox one

New features:

  • The game now shows the active user during registration and account linking process

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a bug when after skipping the tutorial during character creation no mission was created
  • Fixed a bug when 'DLC unlocked' popup windows appeared multiple times
  • Fixed a bug when crafting a shard or a psalm was not working properly
  • Warp Heat effects of psyker characters can be enabled and disabled again in Options menu
  • Crusader characters now move towards the target when using the Block skill
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1 year 177 days ago

Most likely yes, as making the DLC available on Season start would make the most sense.

1 year 177 days ago
At least for 4 months maybe even longer. Our goal though is to close the gap as much as possible between the PC and console versions.
1 year 177 days ago
The issue will be fixed with the next-in-line patch.
1 year 182 days ago

Thank you for the new season!                                                                                                                                                                                         Could you just fix the coloured lines all over the screen when stuff is broken?                                                                                                      When i use the fire aura and run around breaking stuff for credits its realy annoying and bad for my eyes.                                                         This happens on the ultimate version on xbox series S, the older version doesnt have this but i prefer the nicer graphics of Ultimate.             Thanks.

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1 year 183 days ago

The trophy "Hero of the Imperium" which is currently bugged has a misspelling in the german translation
English trophy title: Hero of the Imperium - Acquire 5000 Fate points
The german translation which is misspelling: Held des Imperiums -Erewerbe 5000 Schiksalpunkte.
Normally the correct sentence is Held des Imperiums - Erwerbe 5000 Schicksalpunkte.

And when comes the new dlc character? Do we have to wait for the Season of Escalation?

1 year 183 days ago
CHow long does the season last???
1 year 183 days ago
Any word on if the unobtainable playstation trophy is being fixed? Believe it's called "All kinds of Trouble" the one where you complete each type of mission from star map