Psalms Do Not Trigger


Psalms and gear buffs in general dont seem to buff or at least hide it very well.

I cant tell if damage from Psalms stacks or triggers at all. theres no change in the screen. theres no icons for it.
and the damage numbers dont change much either. if you have 4 times "20% damage added" spread on your gear - you should notice it. or at least be informed about it, if and when it triggers.

we need buff icons for gear
and a fix of not-triggering gear/psalms

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Psalms Do Not Trigger
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2 years 262 days ago
i noticed that it doesnt stack bc i used like 8 of those and you would notice if your damage rises 200% in a second.

but yeah, i dont use it anymore, bc it doesnt work.
and other things do.
but yeah, more Buff Icons pls.

2 years 268 days ago

Not to distract from your valid points about the interface and how buffs/triggers are represented, this specific psalm-code does not stack, as the psalm-code table makes that explicit. I don't know how you would've known that from inside the game itself, though.

I am fairly certain the psalm-code is actually triggering, though, since the very-similar hypergheist psalm-code (another green psalm-code that gives +20% movement speed on being hit and also doesn't stack) definitely does trigger and is fairly easy to test manually, since movement speed is much more obvious.

So while this doesn't help you see or discover anything (aside from knowing about the table on the website), hopefully this helps you on your current character or build.

2 years 271 days ago

Try exiting to main menu and go back in.  Seems to fix it for me, before you exit take note of you character stats and observe the change upon reloading.

Edit: Still obviously a bug and needs fixed.

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2 years 272 days ago
in the same context but not the same issue

Base Attack Damage
doesnt respond in the chracter sheet to buffs and passives.

activating Perks with different stats doesnt effect the Base Damage at all. at least not visually.