Please, explain in-game


Lack of tutorial description.

1. Debuff. What are the types of debuffs and what are their effects.

For example shock. Yes, there is a debuff called shock, but what effect does it have on the character?

For example, fear. So, does the character run away when fear strikes? So, is it separate from the effect in the heavy weapon flamethrower technology, runaway?

For example, vision loss, then the accuracy rate drops? Ranged attacks only? All attacks? How much does it fall?

Among the skills, there is a damage that increases as much as the number of debuffs. What is the debuff that belongs to it? Is it the number of red marks that appear below the enemy health window? So, is the sustained damage included in the debuff?

2. psalm-code.

Binharic Psalm, Effect: rune...What is rune? I'm a crusade, is it for another job?

....please, explain!!!

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Please, explain in-game
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2 years 32 days ago
In addition to the compendium Rigg mentioned, there's an in-game description of all debuffs. On PC, hit escape to pause, then look for a tiny button in the top right with an arrow on it. Click it, and you'll get a list of all debuffs and their effects. I don't know if or how it works on console.

And yes, the button is too small and completely non-obvious. I don't know why it's like that.

2 years 32 days ago

some answers you can find here: warhammer-40k-inquisitor-martyr-compendium