Non-Seasonal Tech Adept not gaining any "Fate" anymore


While credits and items are there after leaving the mission, I just had three times in a row not a single point of fate added after leaving the mission. It's shown updated and correct during the mission, but not there after leaving.

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Non-Seasonal Tech Adept not gaining any "Fate" anymore
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2 years 82 days ago

We are currently investigating the problem, trying to reproduce the issue on our end. Any problem we find will get fixed and will be included in the next patch! Thank you all for the detailed reports!

2 years 82 days ago

I have the same problem I'M not gaining anything anymroe (exept for experience) and furthermore I tried to open an alt assassin char but my campaign progress doesnt register either. Meaning when I complete a campaign mission it doesnt count and I have have to play to play it again to progress farther.

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2 years 83 days ago

I have a similar(probably the same) issue. Like many other players too. It has been reportet for days on serveral forums/reddit/bugtracker without any response from neocore. 

All of my non-season-chars(5 chars from lvl-60 to lvl-100) dont get Fate, Glory, Ordo-Reputation, After-Mission-Rewards and Priority-Assignments wont start after the "first-mission-choice" was made. Every time i finish a mission or relog, the first thing i get is the "warzone-screen"( the bug may be related to the warzone-after-mission-rewards).  

With more than half of all rewards the gameplay has to offer "disabled", why play at all?

<angry mode>

The first reports came in Thuesday(30.06) with serveral post per day about the same problem following. They got no response whatsoever. I dont even know if the developer is aware of this issue, or if they working on a fix or if and when this will be fixed. 

It feels like neocore has 1 day per week(maybe 2?) when the staff is on forum- or bugtracker-duty.  Maybe hire some poeple to help out? I personaly get the feeling that you dont care about the playerbase/community that much. :-(

</angry mode>


I hope you dont mind that i use your threat for my anger-relief. ;-P