Broken Ordos Rewards


I have a character that doesn't receive any mission rewards.

An ordos mission reward pops up after every mission as normal but the same 5 items are always in it and they never end up in my inventory.

I've tried a variety of missions including randoms, warzones and intels with the same result.

The same character gets the ordo rewards pop up every login too, same items, nothing going into inventory.

It's a level 89 character so I'm not enthused with the idea of deleting and levelling up a new one so I'm hoping there is a way to fix it.

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Broken Ordos Rewards
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2 years 154 days ago

We are currently investigating the problem, trying to reproduce the issue on our end. Any problem we find will get fixed and will be included in the next patch! 

2 years 156 days ago
There are a lot of players with the same issue(me included). Lets hope they fix this mess soon.