No rewards


The last inquisitorial rank I acquired (24) so far, I did not get a "+1 level screen" with the connected item collection.

Additionally, this morning when the glory reward was due, I got just 150 Fate, but not the item collection connected to the glory I achieved.

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No rewards
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3 years 338 days ago

Played couple of missions, and didint reccieve any loot from it, mi storage also empty.

3 years 349 days ago

This bug was fixed? I´m note receiving the Glory rewards. Thank you.

3 years 364 days ago

Hello again.

Just to say the bug has been fixed, in the best way possible (at last for me) : i ve recovered all lost rewards, xp sometimes etc !


4 years 1 day ago

Same bug here.

It last since last patch.

Very annoying, make testing nearly impossible (no reward at all, even xp sometimes).

4 years 6 days ago

Thanks for the report, we will get to work :)