No loot after coop mission



I don’t get any loot after coop mission. My colleague has the same problem. My char is 45 now.

And yes we tried relog.

We didn’t have this problem on Thursday or Friday. The problems started on Saturday. On Sunday not a single piece of loot after mission.
Please help us. We really enjoy this game! But currently it’s not playable at all. 

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No loot after coop mission
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1 year 274 days ago
Well we had same, but relogin + waiting for 10+ minutes helps, of course it just workaround so far, but it always worked for us in coop. (even saturday and sunday)
1 year 274 days ago

We are working to globally fix the problem in the upcoming period - this is our main priority now. We would like to ask your patience until we patch the game with the fixes.