Meme virus



just use two meme virus on two differents characters. Each time, the meme virus last only one mission. 


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Meme virus
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89 days ago
Brother Kundari
Because it still state "for the 5 next missions". (I haven't play for a while, I didn't see the patchnote with the change.)

Ok, thanks Daxlow

90 days ago
They changed it some time ago and i had to research it in a Patch note. It was requested so you can use it more flexible. In contrast the drop rate gets adjusted to.
90 days ago
Yes, that is correct. 1 x Meme Virus, 1 x Use, 1 x Mission. That´s exactly how it is. Same with Destruction. It is just how it is supposed to be.

Why you report this as a bug?