Heroic deeds Relic hunter possible bug PS4.


For this heroic deed  i have to open 50 reliquary chests, the problem is i have probably more than 100 hours in the game and i have no idea of what a reliquary chest is... apparently its just a random chest who spawn a demon then i must  kill it in time but i have NEVER seen this event  and i always explore 100% of the map so i wonder if this is a bug,bad translation or my luck(if its my luck this need some serious re-balance)

Thank for the help.

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Heroic deeds Relic hunter possible bug PS4.
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244 days ago

Thank for your answer but i still don't know if it was the case before but if it was the case,please don't do anything multiplayer only, it add nothing and its unfair for the vast majority of the players.

I really like this game a lot, i just dont want to encounter any bad surprise like that.

245 days ago

We are already investigating this matter, hopefully by the release of the next console patch we will find the problem and fix it. We will also reduce the requirement to 20 Reliquaries.

245 days ago

Seriously  i did research about this reliquary chest and the very few info i was able to find are contradictory or just peoples complaining about about this heroic deed since almost a year....

So please if you can answer my questions and explain how this thing work exactly and this could explain if its broken or not.

246 days ago
 Reliquary chest can really be find only in multiplayer? if yes that make absolutely no sense and this must be patch .

But apparently nobody is able to find reliquary chest now, can you provide info about this please?

249 days ago
Thank for the answer that explain why this thing was a complete mystery for me but this absolutely need to be patch because i am like the vast majority of the peoples on ps4 i don't have ps+ so i don't play online.

Why doing something like that? multiplayer could easily be a choice in 98% of the games. By forcing multiplayer they just lose fans and sales over nothing actually and it is also clear than most of the player base  play solo in the game.

Anyways can we hope this issue is addressed in the next patch? i have buy this game and the season pass i want to enjoy all the content thank.

250 days ago

Many players have a problem; a reliquary appears only in a game with 2 or more players. I have never found a reliquary for 2500 tasks in solo. Only when I play through ''Searching match", found 8 in about 100 tasks. So your 5% chance works, but only in multiplayer. I am PS4 - psn Ky3rPark