Broken coop campaign


Whilst playing in lower level friends party respawning in first chapter 2 mission caused him to stop moving on my screen but not his, he could no longer damage or be noticed by mobs but could still revive. We attempted it on +2 & +3 happened both times. Please help we've been looking forward to bathing in the blo... I mean stamping out heresy. 

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Broken coop campaign
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30 days ago
Thank you for the additional details we will run a couple of tests to check if the issue can be reproduced!
31 days ago

Yes he was able to progress solo and is now on chapter 3

Weve had no problems after he solod past getting omicron arkh, although for the most part we have been doing non campaign missions together to avoid frustation.

It was only this mission. 

There was a large difference in our power levels as well

Its the one where you start your search on the infested station at higher challange difficulties

31 days ago
So he could proceed in chapter 2 in solo? After he completed the mission you tried to play together again? Did the same occur? Or only this particular mission was not doable?

Chapter 2 mission 2? Are you referring to the mission where you start to search for the Magos Biologis?

32 days ago
The same thing happened on reattempts, but not on solo.

We are on xbox mine is Kalraxis not sure on his.

I cant think of how to further describe what happened, tried to finish it without him being able to damage enemies but ended up having to quit due to impossibility. We tried this three times reducing difficulty as well to no avail

32 days ago
When you re-attempted to complete the mission what happened? If he tries to solo the mission the same problem occurs? Please tell me your platform as well as your account names. 

Could you tell me more about the issue? When he started to experience the problem you decided on restart the mission or tried to complete it yourself?