Daily challenge not showing up


Hello, new player here. There are supposed to be daily challenges, but they aren't listed anywhere.
I completed the first one last week and this week I completed some challenge, but they don't show up anywhere so I could see what I am supposed to do. It is weird as I can complete them, but they do not show up in any menu that I can see.

Hope this will get fixed! Or is there a way around it - like if the daily challenges are listed / rerollable in some console on your ship?

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Daily challenge not showing up
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2 years 177 days ago

Hi there.

The first thing that will help you a bit is to take a look at the Compendium, specifically the Challenges section. That provides some basic info and lists them all. (For instance, challenges only show up M/W/F.)

As for re-rolling, that can be done when you have an active challenge by clicking the button just underneath the challenge that's labeled "reroll". It will replace that challenge with a randomly selected one.

Finally, as far as seeing your own progress, there's not a good in-game solution for this at the moment. As a temporary solution, I wrote a quick web app that lets you use a log file that the game generates to list which challenges you've done. Note that if you've disabled crash logs in the options menu, you'll need to re-enable them and restart the game in order for a log file to be generated.

Hope that helps, and welcome to the game!

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