Content Update for Inquisitor - v2.3.1- August 5


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically after the scheduled maintenance and when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Patch v2.3.1

New Void Crusade: Violet

  • A brand new Void Crusade is out now in Inquisitor making the total number of Crusades 8. Collect 5 Violet Shards and challenge the enemy units of the Alpha Legion, the Tyranid, the Dark Eldar and more


  • Made some slight changes at the end of the 'The Primogenitor' mission so players will no longer miss out on picking their righteous loot after killing Fabius Bile 
  • Rebalanced the movement speed of the fugitive in Hot Pursuit missions to be equal when playing against any type of enemy faction
  • The primary AoE damage enchant's damage bonus is changed from 8-15% to 12-30%, and the enchant is now rolls for shields and signums too
  • The secondary AoE damage enchant no longer rolls on items
  • Missing Tech-Adept string for melee minion damage added
  • Reduced the unlock requirement of the Stalwart Servant Heroic Deed to 20
  • Reduced the unlock requirement of the Chain Reaction Heroic Deed to 250
  • Considerably reduced unlock requirements for many Ancient Relic item enchants

Fixed bugs

  • Entirely removed the Alpha Region. The changes will take place after one logs into their account
  • Fixed a crash issue which occurred with the controller if one visited Ragna van Wynter on the Command Bridge
  • Fixed an issue where the passive skill points could go negative
  • Fixed an issue where not yet unlocked seasonal contents (Tarot cards, Heroic Deeds, Passive Skill trees) could affect their counterparts on non-seasonal characters by making the already unlocked contents locked again
  • Fixed an issue in PVP where if a player left before the end of their battle the other player did not win automatically
  • Fixed an issue where there were no unlock requirement on various Ancient Relic item enchants
  • Fixed an issue where the Fulgurite Shard did not affect the Puritan Energy Shield
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Personal Teleporter belt item consumed two charges at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes it was not possible to craft a Relic or Artificer item
  • Fixed the "Complete missions without using Inoculator on your level or higher" unlock requirement which counted those missions as well which were below our character's level
  • Fixed the "Complete missions without dying on your level or higher" unlock requirement which counted those missions as well which were below our character's level
  • Corrected the description of the Well Rounded Heroic Deed to be more accurate
  • Corrected the description of the Warp Resist stat under the Character Sheet
  • Fixed an issue where if the leader left the party the next leader's name was not displayed correctly in the chat
  • There were two Area of Effect type of enchants in the game. One of them got removed
  • Fixed a display problem on the Glory Reward Window
  • Fixed the name of an Ancient Signum (Signum of Wisdom)
  • Fixed several typos and strings
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Content Update for Inquisitor - v2.3.1- August 5
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1 year 348 days ago
This comment was deleted 1 year 344 days ago by Marcopolocs
1 year 351 days ago

I'd like to file a complaint, as of this night I have noticed how everything I have picked up during missions has not gone into my inventory at all, I have completed 3 missions since being able to gain access to Warhammer 40k inquisitor Martyr previous to the server downage, I have picked up alot of items within the green, blue and purple rarity but nothing is showing up in my inventory once I have returned to base...which is frustrating considering the amount of items I have picked up SHOULD be filling up my inventory, I would ask that you please rectify this situation post haste and also that you sort out the Lag when using the traders and storage area in base, also have noticed random black graphics glitches whilst on missions (PS4)

1 year 351 days ago
I'm having the issue where when I finish a mission it just sits there and doesn't complete even after teleporting out 
1 year 351 days ago
Same here....and all I want to do is kill more emperor forsaken heretics...this issue stands in my way...please sort it out...I have heretics to purge
1 year 351 days ago
The swrver is out? Have manteiment???
2 years 2 days ago

Any updates on the below skills/perks? I am selfishly interested in the Rapid Elimination Protocols perk in particular, since that is part of my build :)

2 years 9 days ago
Not toguether at the same time, but in the same mission
2 years 9 days ago
Hi!, there's a bug when you wear personal Teleporter and Jump-Armor (Assault) that when you use them toguether game crash. Happened Every time
2 years 10 days ago
Thank you for the fix (that was fast!) and explanation.
2 years 10 days ago
Bug: Crusader with the greatsword can use spinning blow skill with no delay. 
2 years 10 days ago

The string got fixed via a hotfix yesterday :)

The perk indeed got broken we will handle this!
The Alpha Region was an unnecessary remnant of the alpha/beta state of the game hence we removed it.

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2 years 10 days ago

BUG:  PC - Patch v2.3.1 -  Playing Assassin sniper, Rapid Elimination Protocols perk equipped, Sniper skills have standard cooldown.  Was working fine before this patch.

Other than the above bug, I am enjoying this update.

2 years 11 days ago

Nice update. Not sure what the "Alpha Region" is though.

Just a heads up - I think the new primary AoE enchantment also has a broken string. It shows up for me as:

"{aoe_damage_bonus,100} Damage Bonus for AoE Skills"